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Sell the Horseshit

Yesterday the design and advertising community was abuzz over the leaked presentation deck for the new Pepsi logo by the Arnell Group. Yes it is absolutely a work of pure horseshit. But, I was reminded of the decks that my colleagues and I create every day and how somebody's horseshit may be someone else's chocolate cake.

We all have to sell our work. Ideally the concepts and ideas come from a well-formed strategy, but that doesn't always happen. Many times the strategy must back into the creative. In other words sometimes you might have a great idea that you'll need to justify after the fact.

This is even more true if you're dealing with a purely formal exercise such as redesigning an iconic logo like Pepsi's. A good design strategy would be to do the due diligence and look at the different historical variations of the logo and then just have at it, coming up with dozens if not hundreds of iterations. But afterwards when you find the new design you subjectively like, you're going to need to explain in an intelligent, tangible, evidence-based manner detailing how you arrived at that solution—especially if you're getting paid $1 million for the effort. So that's when you break out the horses and shovels.

(via Brand New)

Update: Validation that the Arnell strategy deck is all BS from a freelancer:

"(the logo design) nothing to do with any of that bullshit on the PDF, that was (I believe) just a way to keep the client entertained (like we, viewers of this PDF were) and make them feel like their money (1.2B) was worth something."

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