I’m Roger Wong, currently Head of Design at Convex, and Founder and Creative Director of Wong.Digital. Previously at TrueCar, Rosetta, Razorfish, Organic, Pixar, and Apple.

About Me

With over 20 years of experience, I have a strong passion for Design—note the uppercase D. I believe that everything in this world should function well and be beautiful while doing so. Having cut my teeth as a print designer in school and the mid-1990s, I learned digital design in San Francisco during the first dot-com boom of the late ’90s. In the 2000s, I learned how to lead, from small teams to huge; I went from designing objects to designing organizations. Now combining my understanding of form, technology, and humans, I’m focused on making great brand and product experiences.

I am based in San Diego, California.


  • On the founding team of VR startup, Transported
  • Built and managed an in-house creative agency at TrueCar
  • Managed team of over 40 creatives to support Samsung Mobile
  • Created an iPad app that Apple deemed “App of the Week”
  • Redesigned CBS.com, eBay Motors, Visa Signature
  • Created the original Genius Bar video loops and reservation system for Apple retail stores
  • Worked directly with Steve Jobs on the “Welcome” animation for Mac OS X, Pixar.com, and pitch decks

Industry Engagement

  • Former adjunct professor of graphic design at San Diego City College
  • Former Advisory Board Member at San Diego City College Graphic Design Program
  • Panelist at San Diego Startup Week 2018
  • Judge at Adobe Creative Jam in San Diego
  • Judge at AIGA San Diego Portfolio Review 2018–19
  • Former adjunct professor at Miami Ad School
  • Member of AIGA since 1995


For inquiries, send an email to hello[at]rogerwong[dot]me.